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  • Love You Down - Wikipedia
    "Love You Down" (1986) "Mary Goes 'Round" (1987) "Love You Down" is the title of an R B song written by Melvin Riley Jr Riley's former band, Ready for the World, originally recorded the song in 1986 and released it as the lead single from their second album, Long Time Coming produced by Gary Spaniola
  • I Love You - Wikipedia
    Film and television Films I Love You, a silent drama written by Catherine Carr; I Love You, a German silent drama film; I Love You (1979 Kannada film), a film starring Shankar Nag; I Love You (1979 Telugu film), a Tollywood film directed by Vayunandana Rao; I Love You, a Brazilian drama directed by Arnaldo Jabor; I Love You (1982 film), a Pakistani Urdu film starring Waheed Murad

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